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Proactive computer maintenance, comprehensive antivirus and anti-malware data protection.

Business Plans

Anti-Virus Plans

24/7 Support

IT Support

Providing customized IT support for networks


Receive phone support, remote, on premises computer support


Project help, roll-outs, upgrades, installations, migrations and deployment

Server / Network

Setup New installs, upgrades, integrations, connecting all devices

Computer Repairs

Repair Desktops, Laptops. Windows and Apple supported


Proactively maintain network systems 24/7/365


Scheduled onsite repairs and installations

24/7 Emergency Response

We can have emergency techs avaiable within 1hour to be dispatched

Software Fixes And Training

With in minutes we can remote to your computer and make the necessary changes that you have spent hours trying to figure out. 90% of the time it can take just minutes to fix and you can watch so you do not have learn it again. For a fee, we can video the session so you can keep it for a reference so you do not have to reach out to us.

Software Support

Need help with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Email setup Or are you having problems with your Adobe PDF, Flash or any other Adobe products. We are also experienced in Real Estate CRM. We have experts in almost any software product on the market.

Software Training

Like anything, new things come with learning curves. We have a basic 2-hour starter course for almost all software available on the market. Sometimes a little basic knowledge can make the difference of making a decision that can be costly and time consuming.

Protect Against Viruses and Ransomware

From computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones, you live in a connected world.   We offer protection for all your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

Security Management

Nu-Age will set policies and procedures for systematically manage an organization’s sensitive data. The goal of an ISMS is to minimize risk and ensure business continuity by pro-actively limiting the impact of a security breach. Every day, unwanted Viruses and Malware create havic and minimize productivity and hold computers hostage for ransom. We can control and block any and all unwanted internet traffic and ultimately keep your data, passwords, bank accounts and your family safe. Internet use can be safe as long as protection for your devises are enforced.

  • Ransomware 99.5%
  • Malware Blocked 99.5%
  • Identity Theft 99.5%
  • Virus Blocked 99.5%

Website Dead Ends Fixed within Minutes

With in minutes we can remote to your computer and make the necessary changes while you are watching on your monitor and learn the changes at the same time. You can also request a basic or custom website to be created for you. Watch and learn during the process.

WordPress Website SUPPORT

Need help with your wordpress website, we have all kinds of knowledge to quickly address any website issue. We have the answers from starting a website to the finishing a website. Theme modifications, plugins, widgets updates. emails, imaging.

WordPress Website TRAINING

A 2 hour basic training course with any of our website veterans and you will have enough knowledge to start sharpening your new skills an try your hand at building a WordPress website. It is not hard and it is a lot of fun to take your creativity and apply to your website vision.

We Can Take Care Of The Startup

When you decide the url address for your website. We will help you get it registered, hosted and install the wordpress platform for you to start and create your new website.

We Can Build A Website For You

If you don’t have time to build or learn how to build a website. We will take care of it for you. When you are ready, we will have one of our webmasters discuss your needs and budget so we can calculate the time and cost. All estimates will include the charge for the website and a monthly cost for hosting and maintenance.

Remote Repairs within Minutes

With in minutes we can remote to your computer and make the necessary repairs while you are watching on your monitor and bring your computer to optimal performance

Home Office And Business Desktop setup with complete IT disconnect and reconnect services

When you or your company needs a workstation setup or a complete office network setup we had all your setup and relocation needs. From recommendation of equipment shipping and receiving. We offer turn key solutions

Lightning fast response time

If the fix is a little confusing, sit back and with your permission we can remote to your computer and take care of it. We love a challenge. We will get the correct fix as fast as possible.
This is the basic level of customer support. The customer representative is a generalist with a broad understanding of the product and may not understand the inner workings. In this case, they would identify a customer’s needs and provide tips on how to manage a problem Typically, these solutions are in a FAQ or a knowledge base. Employees at this tier use a knowledge base in a majority of customer calls. Tier-1 support usually provides a 24-hour service and is outsourced to a 3rd party. When a tier-1 support employee is not able to resolve the issue, they classify the problem and pass it on to the appropriate tier-2 employee. At this point, an issue tracking ticket is issued to the customer.

Tier-II support involves technical knowledge and is staffed by technicians who have troubleshooting capabilities beyond the tier-1 employees. The tier-II help desk employees are staffed by either the company involved or outsourced to a 3rd party. The technicians tend to have a specialization and will determine which specialization best matches the customer’s needs before helping him. If their technical specialization is one that can help the customer, the tech then determines whether this problem is a new issue or an existing one. Advanced diagnostic tools and data analysis may be done at this point.

If the issue is an existing one, the tier-II specialist then finds out if there is a solution or a workaround in the database. The customer is then told how to fix their problem. However, in some cases there might be no solution as it’s an open bug. In that case, the tier-II desk adds an entry to the bug list. Then, depending on the number of instances where customers are experiencing the same problem, the help desk could ask the developers to fix the bug.

If a customer experiences a new issue, further analysis has to be done to see if it can be dealt with. The help desk employee would then explain to the customer how to fix their issue. However, if the tech cannot fix the problem at this tier, the problem goes to tier-III. At this tier the problem is assigned to a developer at the company responsible for the product.

Tier-III requires a person who has specialized skills over and above the work the techs do in tier II. This support is usually provided by the specialists involved in product development. They deal with complex issues. To solve the problem, they will collect as much data as possible from the employees at tiers 1 and 2.

In my previous job as a developer at Microsoft in the Windows OS team, I used to get the harder bugs in the operating system passed on from support personnel around the world and from the crash dumps you report when an application stops working. Sometimes fixing the problem involves a deeper analysis of the operating system. Fixing the problem may require a Windows update.

This tier only exists in a multiple vendor case. For instance, if you’re an app developer and the issue involves fixing the problem on an OS mobile level provided by another company, you simply request support from the other company.


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